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Hi, my friends!

It's such a surreal feeling looking back at these photos and posting this now. Back then I wasn't aware of what the new life normal will be, then I was still worrying about pre-corona issues or planning my weekends ahead, as I was about to go to Portugal and not too late after that had planned to visit my family in Latvia for Easter. Safe to say, in a matter of just a few days I would be dealing with different issues with my plans cancelled and my life, same like everyone's - paused. 

Before this exploded, I managed to have my last trip to Portugal, and accidentally ran into some London friends there after noticing they were there on Instagram. The power of social media!

I was very excited to go to Lisbon. Sadly, or maybe luckily, it happened right before "lockdown". We all managed to see bits of the city and hide them away in the amazing memory box for later, but it was hard not to worry about what was happening in the world, and back home especially, wherever that would be for each of us. When I'm faced with a stressful situation, I try to approach it very analytically, and focus on things I can control. I knew that this was probably the last time in a long time I will be able to have the luck to explore a different, unseen part of the world. So, my approach was to deal with it one task at a time. As it felt like something too heavy to carry all at once. However, what we also saw was a city changing right before our eyes, becoming more quiet, empty and lonely by hour.





Dress - Stradivarius, Bag - H&M, Boots - Public Desire

Now I'm writing this four weeks into isolation as I was told to isolate having just come back to London from a "high risk" country, which compared to London Covid - 19 rates, was really no risk at all.

I've always been a germaphobe, washing my hands at any chance I can get. I also come from a country which is certainly not overcrowded, so I highly dislike the public transport in London as its always swarming. People on the tube have no boundaries, and they will have no problem to step or sit on you, not to mention directly sneeze without covering their mouths next or onto you, so the "news" of London being a hotspot for the Coronavirus, was no surprise to me. I was relieved of being told not to go into the office and work from home a week early. And, I didn't understand (and still don't) why some people just don't care and try to get out at whatever the cost outside the government regulations.

As it has been 4 weeks of this, and what I imagine not even the "half way through", the most interesting thing to see through this is people and the way they behave and react. It was very frustrating to me at the beginning, the amount of people who thought "Nothing will change", and "We don't know what will happen", so "I will just assume whatever fits best for my reality". More now than ever I am realizing how much people like to cling to ignorance, as Alas, It is a bliss! But, is it really? I think now, more than ever there is no place for idiocy, for "short term" strategies, for only Plan A's. So, we need to really be smart, to expect every possible outcome, while also remaining optimistic.We will change, and are changing as a race at the moment, and that statement is not some form of prophecy, it is what is happening around us. 

As humans, we love to complain, and if this situation is great for - it is definitely putting things in perspective. People previously complaining how tired they are from work and they wish they could spend more time with their kids and inside their houses they pay their big mortgages for. However, when they are given what they complained about for years, they are now unaware how to live this "non - work" life, how to actually connect to people.

That's why it amuses me and genuinely makes me laugh, when my friends tell me their romantic lives are booming, as men are now more romantic than ever on the "dating apps", trying to connect through new methods only ever used back in the "meet in the bar" days. Whether that would be securing their " We are out of Corona" hook-ups, "I am bored, so I will make an effort" flings or "The world is ending, and I will not die alone" relationships - apparently Covid - 19 is turning us into romantics.

It shouldn't surprise me, but somehow it still does that the judgment is still very popular among the human race during this nightmare called the "New Normal". Whether it is because you are being productive, or maybe because you aren't. People are judging  each other on social media and turning into self righteous Covid-19 experts. Maybe because they have nothing else to do?
What puzzles me is the assumption we all have to cope the same. Everyone is re-discovering their new patterns and every day. And same like we differ in life, we are allowed to differ during the Pandemic. So if you want to Netflix and eat all of your snacks, or workout like you never have before. Do it! It really frustrates me that we are still comparing ourselves to others against how we live/cope. Whoever is doing this at the moment, please stop. Maybe this time was given to you to stop measuring yourselves against the unattainable perfect standard and understand that life is short, so it is truly a wasted exercise. How are we still complaining about what we don't have, when compared to some people - we have so much!

Nevertheless, to keep it light -  the one thing I am truly grateful for is MSN Messenger. It really did prepare me for working remotely in front of the camera pretty much throughout during the whole working day.  And, now more than ever, I hope that wherever you are, you are managing to cope whether you find this easy or hard and are staying safe. And, if you can't work from home and have to go into work due to being a critical worker. I am very grateful and proud to live on the same earth as you, thank you.

Always yours,


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