Leopard Print Dress and Black Heeled Sandals

Hello, my friends,

The teasing of Spring has to be one of the things that get to me the most when living on this island called the Great Britain. One day the sun shines so bright you can barely keep your eyes open, so you scrummage the bag for your sunglasses, the other - it rains on you from all 4 directions as you come home from work. So, you are shown that brighter days are ahead, nevertheless the rainy, windy, cold ones seem to overweigh them. Or, is it because we notice the dark, the negative more? Letting that to impact us and lead us to believe we only have the grey. 

I am an endlessly cynical human being and speak in sarcasm fluently. My sense of humour can be described as dry, and when I think and concentrate really hard, my face will fully turn into what can only be described as "the resting bitch face". However, I am also an entirely positive person, and if I choose you as my human, I will make it my task to brighten your day, so we end up laughing together. And those will be the people I choose to gather around me too, my like-minded cynical optimists of the world. 

Bag - Nasty Gal, Shoes - ASOS, Dress - Primark, Earrings - H&M

Nevertheless, I struggle with the big city dilemma - the endless grumpiness of the people occupying it. And maybe it gets to me because it is not yet familiar, maybe it gets to me because I am still in my "figuring it out stage", maybe because it's not home yet, the puzzle pieces are out of order. 

However, because I sometimes get defeated, it doesn't mean I have lost the fight. Several wonderful moments since my continuous fight against the negative have occurred, moments that have justified my life choices within the last year, or my life in general for that matter. And what have they taught me? 

Firstly, you can't sit around and expect for someone else to bring the happiness to you. There will never be that one friend, one partner, one job, one hobby that will bring you eternal happiness, if you can't bring that happiness to yourself first. So, stop waiting for someone special or something special to come along and change your perspective. Do it yourself, create your own wonderful moments. And that is not to say you won't meet beautiful people along the way who make you feel happy, believe me - you will, but learn to make yourself happy first! And not through material means, but emotional, timeless moments.

Secondly, appreciate what you have. Don't let ambition cloud your judgment, like it sometimes does mine. In bettering your current situation, don't overshadow the strong, magnificent foundation you already have. Your next step is only possible because of your last. Take time and enjoy the moment you are in, the people you are with - don't chase the next, without fully enjoying the current. If you do this, you will set yourself up for eternal disappointment.

So, my loves, I hope that you can take something away from this. And if not - the coming up, sunny 4 day weekend surely should lift up your spirits!

Always yours,


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