Cord Trousers and Pink Sweater


Hi, lovely people!

We are now both legs in December, and at the very end of the year. Christmas shopping lists are compiled and people are rushing from one Christmas party to another. Depending where you are most likely the only true light you are seeing is the one of the fairy lights and decorations on the streets. And, most importantly cheese has become all of your "five a day", at least it has for me. 

This has been a mental year so far and it feels like it will not slow down for the last couple of days we have left of it. I am counting days till I can hide away with my family and loved ones over the holidays, making the forever exciting journey between the TV and the fridge while PJs slowly become my "every day look". 

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Trousers - Miss Selfridge, Top - H&M, Boots - ZARA, Sweater - H&M, Bag - ASOS, Fedora - ASOS

This is a very interesting December for me, my first holiday in London, as oppose to Scotland. The celebrations spent with new friends, or old friends not seen for years, but brought together by the capital. I won't lie and say that it is better than years before, as Christmassy as it usually has been. London definitely has a more capitalist/party way of celebrating, and even though that is and forever will be a part of Christmas, I feel like here the percentage of this is somehow much higher and people might be forgetting the best parts of it. Maybe it is actually the people. The fact, that I don't have my good eggs beside me, the emotional "fairy lights" of my Christmas, the little treasures I have found over the year to make it bright. 

Nevertheless, to not go on an emotional rant here, I will emphasise that surviving my Christmas in London (and yes, I am aware I would never have used the words survive and Christmas in one sentence before), has made me more stronger. The more time I spend here, the more experiences I go through here, the more people I meet here, the more I learn, I crack the vibe and train myself to be a part of it, while still being true to myself. Without sounding like I am bragging, these experiences have made me stronger, even though I never thought my skin could get any thicker, nevertheless here we are building layers and layers, starting to understand what Shrek meant about the onions (I am never growing up, also Shrek is one of the best cartoons, deal with it). 

Anyhow, my loves, I hope you are enjoying December so far, and that you have some great plans ahead, involving family time and horrible Christmas movies. And if you might be finding this Christmas equally odd, there is nothing a mince pie and mulled wine can't fix!

Always yours,

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