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Hi, my friends,

Time has been on my mind lately. More than it normally is. The power the time has to heal, or on the other hand emphasise the importance of. With only a month to go till Christmas, and slightly over a month for us to step into a New Year, I am stunned how life has changed and how important this year has been.

Oddly, this has also been the 25th year of my life on this earth, my quarter-life crisis year and the year of a constant -"WHAT THE F**K IS HAPPENING?". I am starting to understand how the older generation can truly be unfazed by anything, because they have seen and been through it all. I think with the rate I am going, I will arrive to that part and mind-set of my life by my 30ies...

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Dress - ASOS, Bag - ZARA, Boots - ASOS.

Back home, we call the time leading up to Christmas the "waiting time". We wait to be close with our families and friends again, to enjoy some peace and quite, to stuff our bellies with food and drink, and to give, as well as receive gifts we have spent the "waiting" time looking for or towards to. During the waiting time, and actually well before it, I have realised how much I have changed as a person, with the help of time. I have often been very stubborn in a way where I like to classify my beliefs, put myself in a box, hoping that would help others get a clearer picture of who I am as a person. By this I mean, I would have said things like "I am not a morning person" or "I don't believe in marriage", as an example. 

Though, I still have not changed my mind on the latter, I have become a full blown morning person, and if I am not out of bed by 8 AM(usually wake up at 6 AM) I feel like I have waisted the most productive part of my day. That is just a simple example, but even bigger, life deciding beliefs of mine, that I used to stuck by no matter what, are starting to change as I am becoming older. There are multiple things that come out of it. First, you start to recognise other point of views, which then can lead you onto other things you never thought about from a different perspective. Second, you start to disagree with people you used to agree with and agreeing with those you used to disagree with, leading you to new group of people you can call like-minded, and even, possibly with some time, you can call them friends. On the other side of the coin, however, this makes you question yourself and wonder who you are as a person. Which, if done in huge dosages can lead to negative effects. Nevertheless, it must be done, your views will change, it will make you grow as a person, it will allow you to be more open-minded, more forgiving and in the end, it will lead you to who you really are.

Anyway, to end this, I hope you all are enjoying this time leading up to Christmas. That, like me, you are enjoying the hunt for the perfect gift, and that time and change does not end up scaring you!

Always yours,


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