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Hi friends,

As much as I enjoy travelling and discovering new places, I am very much a home comforts kind of a gal. Especially, this time of the year when we see less of the sun, there is a chill in the air and you are required to wear your warm socks to avoid the ever so annoying cold toes. Most of the people will do their big house clean in Spring, I tend to do mine in Autumn. I like to prepare my home for those cold, cozy nights spent on the couch with a cup of tea and 2nd pack of biscuits going while watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls. I like to know, that after the hustle and bustle of the city, I have my own safe space, where I can re-charge, re-center and face the next day again.

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Jumper - Bershka, Trousers - ASOS, Shoes -  ASOS, Bag - Zara

With October officially here we have entered my favourite season of the year. And as I have mentioned I am setting up my home to be the perfect haven from the cold, as much as I do enjoy a walk in a park with the leaves burning read, each demanding their spectators attention. It is even more so satisfying when your are making a new space your home, when it finally starts to feel like yours. I feel like the more you move, the harder in your mind it is to do so, because you are aware that wherever you stay won't be a forever home and it might seem that its not worth it, its not worth the time to make it yours.

However, I disagree. As someone who has had to leave people behind that have made it home for me, I cling to the little artificial things that not quite, but slightly creates the feeling of belonging and safety. The last quarter of the year, much like the first one tend to be taxing. During this time I try to make sure I look after myself even more so than usual, as the change in the weather and everything around you can lead you to the annual slump or as experts like to call it the SAD aka as the seasonal affective disorder. I've circled this earth enough times now that I know, or I would like to think I know when to get myself out of one if faced with a lower mood than generally. But, why I have mentioned it here, is because I want you to be able to pause and take some time for yourself, or maybe notice that those around you need to do so. So, take pride in cleaning your little corner of the earth, lighting some candles and some binging on chocolate chip cookies, or pick up a book and put your phone on airplane mode, to stop the never ending work emails from distracting you and enjoy a moment of silence.

So, my friends, I hope that you can find some time to take care of yourself and those around you. And if its harder to find the warmth during these colder months, put that oversized sweater on, make yourself a cup of tea and if that doesn't help, Africa by Toto will always be there for you. :)

Always yours,


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