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Hi, lovely people,

I have emerged from my annual suffering from the plague aka the cold I always get right before my birthday, and I am with both feet happily in June. As some of you know, we are just a few days away from my birthday, of me officially finishing the first quarter of my life safe and somewhat sound. :) So, because of this, I have been thinking hard about my time leading up to the 25 and my past year in general. I have been thinking of how I have changed as a person, how my way of thinking has shifted and my view towards those around me adapted once again. 

There has also been a mental to do list set up for myself for the next year, with the "be kinder to yourself" still at the very top. I guess the fact that my first day of my annual leave was spent completely stone cold, passed out asleep for nearly 20 hours, was a sign that maybe, maybe I am a little bit tired...(please sense the sarcasm on the emphasis on "little bit").  But, I'm still learning and taking baby steps towards taking better care of myself, as I imagine we all are. 

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(Jumpsuit - H&M, Shoes - New Look, Top - Primark)

This year has come with very high ups and annoyingly painful lows, but as colourful this year has been in experiences, it has definitely been one to remember. A lot of things I was waiting for during the early bits of my twenties I finally received, which was again a testimony to two things. First, everyone has their own timing, you might look at those around you receiving things you are not, knowing you deserve and want, and would appreciate them more. Frustrated, you question yourself, your dreams, your abilities to the absolute breaking point. But in truth, something I have always said will happen - what's meant for you won't go past you. As I have not been gifted with such virtue as patience, it has not always been easy for me to take my own advice, but here I am, eating my own words with a dessert spoon, perfectly happy with the timing of things.

Secondly, if you genuinely want something, whether that be a job, a person in your life, a thing you want to own, a hobby you want to fulfil -  never, ever give up until you have it. It might bring you tears and frustration, but the happiness and satisfaction it will bring you will overshadow the pain of the journey tenfold. It will give you purpose.  And what is the point of life, if we simply exist and not live.  So, my friends, be brave, live to your fullest ability, be proud of your efforts, celebrate every step and if you stumble, take a deep breath and know that it's part of life and part of the lesson you will learn to help you next time you struggle.

Always yours,


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