Silver Midi Skirt and Pastel Sweater


Hi lovely people,

Scotland has taken a turn for better and decided to after all resemble something close to Spring. The afternoons May has brought us are bright and warm until very late, in the air there is a scent of freshly cut grass (my favourite) and flower blossoms, and almost every morning I am woken up by birdsong before my alarm, as obviously there is a nest filled with baby birds right outside my window. It's almost as if the Winter needed to be so harsh, for the Spring here to be so lovely.

The past couple of months coming up to May have felt like an obstacle course during a sprint. Without ending up sounding negative, it hasn't been an easy time. But somehow, while this time has been taxing, it has also brought joyful, unforgettable and lovely moments.

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(Skirt - Made by myself, Jumper - H&M, Shoes - ASOS, Bag - Primark)

Most of you already know this, but I have always been (and forever will be) a celebrator of staying true to yourself. Whether that would be down to wearing what I want and not what others deem as fashionable, or making big life decisions, I have always been happier when I've done truly what I wanted instead of what the majority of the public deemed to be as a "good" choice. 

Sometimes it isn't as easy to do so, sometimes when you are not doing what you love or being in a place where you feel happy, or are spending time with people who don't bring you joy, it is much, much harder to listen to yourself. An so, through confusing times, I have learned that it is perfectly normal not to feel like yourself, or have moments when you do not know who you truly are, because to be honest, as humans we are constantly growing, continuously learning from our experiences. Therefore, the person you see before yourself today might not be the same person speaking to you in a few months down the line. When trying to find purpose, your inner joy and peace, take a step back. Spend a night with yourself instead of a night with a mindless crowd and you might actually end up giving yourself the advice you needed to hear.

Content isn't a feeling I would get to have often, therefore when it does come, I cherish it like Christmas morning or that precious moment when you wake up early on your day off realising you can sleep more. Content can be realising who are the right people to have around yourself, just simply doing what you love, finally understanding what you need to do in order to get something and being sure in your capabilities of getting it done. And, it also can be a moment when you realise that even though you thought long and hard, and tried to figure something out to make it work, sometimes it just needs to be left in the past as a good memory (might be talking about my Strawberry print Converse here 🙈).

So, to end - yes, always try to be yourself, but firstly make sure that who you are is someone good. 

Always yours,


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