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Hi beautiful people,

And so we have entered May, which has always been a special month for Elegance Lies as it was 8 years ago in May I wrote my first blog post. With that in mind, and with birthdays in general, it is good to look back on decisions that were made and where they have taken us. I don't know about you, but for me intuition always comes in strongly with any decision I make in life - whether that be deciding on a location to live, outfit to wear or people to allow close to me. So, even though I consider myself a logical thinker and most of my decisions in life will be made from hours of considering all of my options, in the end mostly my gut will swerve me the way I need to go, or it will keep me from making a decision my "logic" would have made beforehand.

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Top - Stradivarius (on ASOS), Shoes - New Look, Skirt - H&M

Some decisions, like starting my blog were easy. Some, like quitting my job without knowing what I will do next, were not. Don't get me wrong, when I handed in my notice before Christmas, not knowing whether there will be a next job or even a paycheque on the cards, I definitely wasn't peaceful, calm or collected, or had this enlightened vision that this will actually do me good. I questioned my decision constantly, out loud to those closest to me and within myself. However, when sucking it up and going forward unhappy just becomes a daily routine not just a "hard month", please just take a page from my book and stop.

That is not to say that some decisions made were always the correct ones. There have been times, where I have invested myself in situations and people that could have been applied towards something more productive and sadly were a waste of time. There were outfits I wore that could have stayed in the wardrobe. Events I should have gone to, some I shouldn't have.  But how else are we supposed to learn?

And lastly, the thing I struggle with the most - regret. Regret of doing things, regret of not. Others could always be hard on me and never truly upset me, because they would never be as hard as I am on myself. And with Elegance Lies birthday month and mine coming in exactly a month today, as a person who is entering my other half of twenties I am learning to accept my decisions, even the bad ones. Accept the flower crowns worn, accept late nights wasted solving puzzles created by yours truly and still see the beauty in them.

Always yours,


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