Long Velvet Kimono and Thigh High boots


Hi, everyone!

There are some obsessions which we can't seem to shake off - mine has become owning and wearing several pairs of thigh high boots and anything velvet. When the velvet trend first came around, I was convinced it won't stay here for long, but as it quickly translated itself to high-street retailers like Zara and H&M, and still can be seen in various street style photos from the fashion week season now, I think we are safe to say it will still be here for some time(which I am certainly only happy about).

In my last post I was touching base on transitional dressing and how it can be confusing sometimes to figure out what to wear when its not really Spring yet, however not full blown Winter anymore, either. Well, folks, I think we can put a pause on that with the general weather situation lately as I write to you from my snowed in apartment in Scotland (major the Holiday Cameron Diaz feels at the moment).

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(Kimono - Zara, Top - Zara, Boots - Ted & Muffy, Skirt - Primark)

However, before Scotland decided to turn itself in what I can only describe as the Apocalypse (I might be exaggerating), I managed to shoot this absolutely stunning velvet kimono which I had been eyeing ever since it was available on Zara's website and strongly hinted at the Santa that this is what I wanted for Christmas. I think pieces like these are something that will translate throughout the whole season. Autumn, you pair this with jeans and a warm top and it's an outfit. Summer - wear this with high waisted shorts and a strap top and, again we are set. It might look like an item that is hard to style, but actually it is something that can make your simple items(like an a-line denim skirt) look a bit more exiting. So, if you see something like this - it might be worth investing your pennies into.

And lastly, I hope wherever you are that you are warm, safe and not bothered by the cold.

Always yours,


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