Red Check Dress and Long Grey Cardigan


Hi, everyone!

There has been some time since I last blogged - we are already quite within the New Year, and hopefully the "new you" that most have declared to be. The holidays for me are always a peaceful and quiet time, which I choose to make it so. My whole year is always a complex combination of juggling multiple tasks at once, running around working, meeting deadlines and on top of that trying to actually socialise. So, for those two weeks in Winter, I go home, I forget about (or try to forget about) Social Media, blogs and overall life responsibilities, and just be with my family and friends.

It is safe to say, that by the end of those two weeks, I am having stress withdrawals and begin worrying over the fact that there has been nothing to worry about for some time (I know, it sounds ridiculous). So, even though that time off is always well needed and enjoyed, I always am happy to come back. 

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(Dress - Zara, Cardigan - H&M, Boots - Zara, Belt - Pull & Bear)

The 2017 was probably one of the most difficult years of my life, however it was also one of the most exciting ones, filled with amazing memories, new friends and great travels. It was a year packed with hard work and difficult decisions, which have lead into a beginning of a very exciting New Year. I am not much of a believer of New Years resolutions as the way we know them, like - eat better, workout more, drink less etc. I believe, if you want to change those things, each day is perfectly good enough for it, you just need to make and commit to that decision. Nevertheless, I do set myself goals or reminders of what kind of person I want to be throughout the year and things I wish to earn by the end of the year by being this person. I am not going to go into full detail as of what each and one of those things are, but one thing I will say, to myself and anyone reading this that I have realised while looking back on my past few years. 

In order for anything to change within my life, and I believe in most people's lives, we must make a decision. Most of the biggest, life changing and beautiful moments in your life will come from difficult choices and decisions, which will require leaving your comfort zone and doing things you are not familiar with. And that often requires a lot of courage. I was thinking of things I haven't received before in my life and realised that more or less the reason why I never got them, was because I was not brave enough to go for them and chose my at that moment "current situation", over something new, most likely better.

And I have realised, that being brave doesn't begin one day - it starts with that one small step you take, whether it is wearing a bright red check dress, quitting your job with no idea what you will do with your life, or finally going for that job you never thought you were good enough for(all things done by me this year). 

So, I encourage each and one of you to take a step towards being brave, it will be difficult and very stressful. I can promise whatever it is, it might lead to sleepless nights and tears along the way, but it will be worth it. That I guarantee.

Always yours,

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