Tailored Jacket and Satin Pencil Skirt


Hello, friends!

And with that we are in December, the last and the best month of the year. Somehow, even though Christmas and December is meant for peace, merry and quiet, not always that is the case. On most occasions it is the opposite. You need to tie loose ends, need to find gifts for everyone and outfits for everything. If you are in university, this most likely is your deadline time, if you are working - you need to make sure your projects are done before everyone goes in deep sleep for a those few days from Christmas to New Years. To say the least, it is possible that during some moments this might not sound like the best month, however to me it is always still magical. And that is because I choose to make it magical for myself.

December comes with trees and fairy lights, Princess Street in Edinburgh is filled with the scent of Mulled Wine and, of course bockwurst, from the Christmas market. To some the streets are filled with obsessed people pushing and shoving to find the perfect gift, to me, it means family and others looking to make those closest to them happy. During the colder months, it is always easier to slip in something a darker (both physically and mentally), but I love breaking things apart with something bolder, like a red beret, or deep purple velvet shoes(velvet obsession is still in full swing).

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(Skirt - H&M(similar), Shoes - ASOS, Beret - Forever21, Bag - Primark, Jacket - Made by myself)

The combination of red, green and blue is probably one of my favourite, especially during Winter time. As we have lost the colour from the trees and flowers, it is nice to create it for yourself, whether that be by an outfit like this, or by doing things that you know will make you happy. Or both. 

If you read last weeks post, I spoke about friends and how appreciative I am about the circle of people around me, as they motivate me and help me past tougher times. Well, I think a lot of who you attract depends on yourself and how you appear to those around you. If you are positive, ambitious and kind, that will be what and who you attract. Even though, obviously it is easier to write these things, than be these things most of the time, I am a strong believer of this and always work with myself to improve how I communicate with those around me. I might not always succeed (thats why I also attract a sarcastic, bitter bunch of wine loving people too :P), I certainly always try and be aware. 

During the days of December, you will hear a lot about giving, and I think it is important that we not only physically give to those around us with gifts, but we also try to be kinder and more patient. I certainly struggle with the second one myself and often hate waiting for a resolution or for people to catch up and be on the same page as me. No one is perfect - as long as you know that about yourself, and try to improve, that is what matters.

So, what I am trying to say is that, I hope, even though during the moments of frustration, you are able to find something happy within yourself and improve on those lesser merry and bright things about your character. 

Always yours,

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