Velvet Dress and Thigh High Boots


Hello, lovely people!

With much delight to myself we are now well within October and if I dare even say, are coming very close to the end of the month. I am always very excited for the Winter season to start, however this year I feel like in my head I am sprinting towards those colder months even faster. I am trying to stop myself and enjoy the loveliness that is around us in Edinburgh, to not miss it with my eagerness to jump into Christmas.

I love that with the month becoming colder there is now a reason to wear that beret or long boots, and I am taking the full advantage of this. Adding to that, I am becoming a very big fan of velvet and not just for Autumn. The dress I am wearing in this outfit has been sitting in my closet and patiently waiting for about year and I have been thinking of wearing it for some time. With a lot of past trends coming back in fashion and getting mixed in this wonderful cocktail of trends, I love how you can take a very 70ies looking piece like the bag I am wearing, or the long boots and mixing it with this mini velvet dress which could easily be something worn during 1960s.

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Dress - New Look, Beret - Pull and Bear, Boots - Asos, Bag - Primark

With this crazy rush of a month, I have to say I have been extremely grateful and happy of having my blog again and making myself sit, think of outfits, shoot, edit, post. I count myself as a creative person, and I think for people like me, if your every day life start to miss that creative aspect, it can affect the way you feel and see things in the world. I have to say, as much as I love October, it has been a bit of a tougher month than others, and it came as no shock. If you read my post a few weeks ago, I did touch base on the fact that I struggle a bit more with myself and my happiness during this time. I guess, it is good that your body or mind gives you these signals. Maybe not at the time, it certainly does not feel great - but it is yourself telling yourself that something needs to change.

Nevertheless, end of October and start of November is promising to be a very exciting time, and I plan to bring you guys with me. What I have realised is that this little outlet of creativity is a good thing. So, what to take away from this is, I guess is, that even if your adult life is making you forget about things you love or love to do, that I hope you are also working hard for making time for things that make your life exciting and add the bit of colour to the grey. 

Always yours,

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