Corset Dress and Black Jeans

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Hello, lovely people!

In a blink of an eye we have almost come to the end of September. I feel like this has been one of these years where you can barely catch your breath of how quick it goes. Therefore, my style and everyday outfits have changed and adapted, as well. I have noticed that more and more I pick clothing that will be practical, compared to what I used to wear (flower crowns, big hats, layers of pieces together). Nowadays my thought process goes like this - Is this going to crease? If I spill coffee allover my legs can you see? Can I run in this in case I wake up too late and I need to catch my bus? :) So, this blog post I want to talk about the re-discovery of trousers. I know!

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(Tunic Dress - Zara, Jeans - Asos, Boots - H&M)

My wardrobe mostly has always consisted of dresses. I am even going to say that maybe, maybe there are too many dresses. I've never been a big fan of the "top" and "bottom" outfit combo, however lately that has started to change. My trouser section of wardrobe has expended beyond my gym leggings and mum jeans, - I now own a pair of black jeans haha. I realised that more and more I would pick my mum jeans over outfits with dresses I had picked and prepared for my day and it was a sign that I was missing an essential piece from my wardrobe. 

Obviously, it would not be me if I would not throw a dress on it, so I decided to pair it with this lovely Zara tunic-dress I had bought in Portugal back in June (I had stalked it previously online). There has been a huge corset dress/top trend over the Summer, but I feel like there is always a fine line of looking in style or looking like you are a barmaid at the Octoberfest, with corset pieces. Nevertheless, I think paired up with some buckle boots and black jeans it can be easily made an every-day wearable piece. What do you think?

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