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Dress - Vintage|| Heels - Primark || Hat - Primark

Hello darling,

Autumn in Edinburgh is already around the corner. You can almost feel it in the air, that after a week or less it will be needed to have your autumn boots and your proper scarf out of the back of your closet to keep you warm. Though, I bet there will be some smart individuals trying to pull off shorts and flip-flops anyway.  

Ever since I first decided to dye my hair a bit of an unusual colour, I have grown addicted to it and 3 weeks with having just simple white hair, was getting a bit annoying to me. So I went back to a bit of  a lighter shade of purple which was my first intention, but turned out being darker/brighter purple as I was an inexperienced hair dyer then. When I first did my hair like this I felt extremely self-conscious, I felt like everyone was looking at me (and they were, people are still not used to others looking a slightly bit unusual in a land called Scotland) , but I felt like everyone could feel me not being comfortable about my hair. Now I feel like it is a part of me and if I ever went back to something regular, I'd lose a part of myself.

For the look I choose to wear this wonderful vintage dress I found when Bear and I were having a wonder around Edinburgh back in March on my Names Day and heels that I had recently found in Primark to wear for upcoming Fashion Weeks. I am very skeptical when it comes to heels a - because I am a tall girl and with heels I end up being much taller than everyone around me (except Bear) and b - no matter what, heels always end up being uncomfortable. Even though a fashion girl, my feet always have to be comfortable at all costs which means if it would be socially acceptable for me to walk around outside my house in slippers -  I would. But these heels just stole my heart and ended up being much more comfortable than I thought. Horaaay, I am a girly girl after all.

Another thing I have been meaning to tell you - I have been given a wonderful opportunity of taking elegance lies to New York Fashion Week, which has been the reason of my happy dances ever since I found out and these shoes were going to be my comfortable New York heels, but heck, they were too cute to hide, even Bear approved and he hates heels.

So darlings... Have you ever done something a bit unusual, like dying your hair and ended up loving it? Also, is there anything specific you would like to see from New York? I am planning to have my vlog set up by then so I will be able to film and show you everything. Let me know if you have any places you would like me to visit/film aside from the shows and events!

Always Yours,

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