It's My Party, I'll Wear Myself if I Want To

dress - made myself || flats & purse - primark

Hello, my beautiful darlings!
I'm home!!! It's been 3 days now and I still have to blink twice in the mornings when I wake up in order to make sure it is not one of my daydreams. Latvian Summer is beautiful, it is filled with springing flowers giving away their scent in warm evenings, bbqs and cold wine drinking while watching the forest by my home and just breathing in the nice evening air. Bear has caught me in so many moments looking away in the nothing with all seriousness and asked "What are you thinking about?" and I have to say to him "Nothing", my mind is wandering off to the beauty around me and I'm slowly getting cured by my horrible addiction to stress. Even though my getting here involved a lot of it, the stress, I mean (2 delayed and 2 missed flights, and 1 extra night in Sweden), I got home a day before my birthday and managed to enjoy a night out wearing one of the dresses I made this semester in university when going to the Latvian Art Academy Fashion Show (which I'll show my favourites and some photos of in the following blog post).  I decided to braid my hair in my latest obsession - "Frida Kahlo" scarf braids and added my pastel purse purchased a few months ago which was the perfect accessory for my flowing, baby blue dress.
I hope you are alright, my darlings and wherever you are you have managed to enjoy stress and see the beauty around you!
Always Yours,

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  1. I am in love with this dress. I wish I could make something like that. And the hair is just too fabulous for words.