Long Stripped Dungarees and White Shirt

Hi, my friends,

February as always brings us grey and cold, both things we really do not want after the business of December and for some the re-creating of ourselves we do in January. As I have mentioned before, I am not a big fan of New Years resolutions, and believe that if there is something you desperately want to change in your life, today is as good of a day as any. Nevertheless, I cannot ignore the differences between 2018 and 2019 already. The lessons and challenges the New Year has given me already. The theme the year is shaping into. 

Dungarees - Bershka, Shoes - ASOS, Shirt - H&M 

January and the beginning of February, both of these months have brought the gift or perspective. It is easy to lose it when you are on your Monday morning rush to work, thinking about the schedule or your day and seemingly never ending to do list. In that moment, getting a seat on the tube, getting first in line for the coffee machine at work or squeezing yourself in the work elevator, just to get to your desk quicker, feels like the most important thing in the world. And how can it not to, when the rest of 10.whatever million people are doing the same, and somehow like sheep, you follow the wave of overachievers, workaholics, 9 to 5'ers and without a consciously made decision you become part of the mass. 

It is only when something completely out of normal happens to you, when you begin to understand the ridiculousness of this mindset. Sometimes happy things happen to us to ground us, which can be lovely. But more often, it can be the sad, to make us understand that we are just a tiny piece of sand in the universe, and that we are not invincible. Same as those we love, these people also are not invincible. With each minute going by, we become less of and so the ones we can't imagine our lives without, seeing time taking away the things that actually, truly matter in front of our eyes. So, what does matter then? - A random "You look lovely today", the person who makes you laugh till your tummy hurts while waiting in the A&E , making your friend laugh when you know their heart is breaking, seeing someone you haven't in a long time only to understand nothing has changed, the same love is there, waking up in the morning in your family home, knowing all those you love are close to you, safe and sound in their beds. 

So, my loves, I hope February has been kinder to you than it has been to me so far, but in case it hasn't - I hope you, same as me, still see lessons in it, rather sadness.The show most go on, the world doesn't stop for no one, and neither should you because no matter how bad it gets, there is still love and kindness that can be found within those who we call our own. 

Always yours, 

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