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Hi guys,

There has been some time since I last wrote. We have started a New Year, and are already close to the end of our first month of 2019. The year we left behind is truly indescribable to me, and I am beyond thankful for it. I have grown as a person more in one year than ever before and proven to myself that when I am faced with personal challenges, I will come through the other end. I will not claim for this to be a singular effort of mine. I am thankful to people who have entered my life this year and been a massive support throughout, those of my closest who have always been there, my family who have always seen more in me than I will ever see and others who visited my life for a short moment to teach me lessons I otherwise would have missed. 

Looking back, I can see a general theme for my 2018 and that was living each day like I had nothing to lose. I opened up to people, sometimes being reckless with my trust and my heart, I was courageous in the way I lived, took chances I otherwise wouldn't have, pushed myself to the absolute brim fighting my battles head on to get what I wanted and learned to be on my own. However, that does not mean I wasn't scared. No, I am still that person who will think a decision over, go away and make a pros and cons list, create a mental excel spreadsheet in regards to my decision and still struggle to voice with conviction my final answer. 

Skirt - H&M, Jumper - H&M, Shoes - Vans

As for the lessons I have learned? Here's 10 for now:

1. Supposedly I have developed a Scottish accent. This has been brought to my attention recently by mostly the non Scottish population of the world, with one exception of a meeting in which I was asked (by a Scottish person) of which part of Scotland I am from. I am yet unsure whether I am proud of this one or not.
2. As amazing as London is, it definitely has an expiration date for me. 
3. Going home is both harder and easier after 6 years of living abroad. As of which parts are difficult and which easy, I shall keep to myself.
4. I am perfectly able to battle my own issues, however when my loved ones are in pain and have been hurt either physically or mentally, I become a mere reflection of a human being. I lose all capability to think straight or come up with a solution. My problem solver mind-set shuts off and I am free falling, hoping to land somewhere safe. 
5. In continuity to my last statement - It takes a village to help someone, as it is a chain reaction of people who care. A domino effect. A gets hurt, so B becomes upset, B then looks for help in C, C worries about B. And here we are. Everything that happens to you, does not only affect you.
6. I will not be able to tolerate people who have no respect for my time. Especially now, when the speed of my life has tripled and my brain is on a constant over drive. If you are not in my life to add value, and here only for a personal gain to yourself, keep walking. My spare time is only given to that limited group of people who I love and respect. 
7. I don't need people around me in order to be happy, but occasionally I will want them, as the selection of "my people" are pretty great. 
8. It gets harder to open up to people with each year gone by. 
9. Nevertheless, there are still some lovely people out there, who have made wonderful new friends and who I am grateful for. 
10. On the contrary to what some of you might believe - I have gotten tired of staring at my face weekly going through 150 - 200 pictures to eliminate 8 -12 good ones. I do however still enjoy putting a selection of my thoughts here. So, I have to say the post content here will not be as frequent as before. Instagram has become the Tumblr of the day and serves the purpose of photo blogging just fine. I won't stop creating content for elegance lies, however it will be less frequent and for style photos Instagram will serve as the right platform. 

Anyway, I hope all of you are having an exciting start of the year and have high hopes and goals for 2019 to keep you going!

Always yours,

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