Grey Tent Dress and Studded Mini Tote


Hi friends,

With only 3 months of the year left, I am again trying to understand where has the time gone. If I look back where I was in this exact moment a year ago, it almost feels like a whole lifetime has went by. This year has been a sprint, a marathon length sprint. Not an easy one, but a rewarding one most definitely. 

I can officially now say I have lived in this little town called London exactly a month to the day. And with each day passing it feels more like home. Don't get me wrong, I have only explored maybe 4% of what it has to give, and not for the lack of trying. However, I am proud to say that rush hour tube does not scare me anymore, and I have experienced my first unexpected butt grab by a stranger, and awkward "almost fall" on a crowd of random people while prioritising switching a song over holding on before the tube goes on. 


Dress - ASOS, Bag - Zara, Shoes - Bershka

September was for fashion week, for meeting new people, for re-starting my drive to succeed, for overload of information, which has lead to complete and utter exhaustion. But, in a good way. The kind of exhaustion you feel after a workout, satisfactory sense of accomplishment. I have survived September in one piece and enjoyed every second of it. 

Sadly, or maybe happily to some, London has yet to truly become autumnal. As you may know, Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I like how colourful the world becomes, the chill and freshness of October mornings, the coziness of getting your wool sweaters out, the justification of that cashmere scarf. Not that I would need an excuse, but it means that Harry Potter marathons are more acceptable by general public, all the Halloween-type tv shows start once again (American Horror Story, The Discovery of Witches, Stranger Things etc) and don't even get me started on all the autumnal/winter food. I might have to wait for this to fully kick in around this neck of the woods, but in my heart I am already there.

So, I hope that September has been good to you all, and that like me, you are happy for the sweater weather to start.

Always yours,


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