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Hi, lovely people,

The pleasantly warm Indian summer has now been replaced by the first notes of Autumn with perfectly fresh and a little bit chilly, nevertheless still somewhat bright mornings. You might have already dug out your boots, or thought while on your way to work that you could have used a scarf. 

Autumn and September in particular has always marked the start of the year for me. I feel like everything changes around this time of the year, as a new page is turned. Maybe I'm still in that school/university mindset, but this to me always feels like extremely productive and inspired time.


Dress - ASOS, Bag - ASOS, Shoes - New Look from ASOS

Speaking about new beginnings, two weeks have now passed of my London life and I have officially started my new job here. It has been a very busy week, with me coming home exhausted and crashing into my bed as soon as I could. However, it has been amazing. I still don't believe I am here, as for some time I did not feel like it would happen. But, now that I am here, it makes sense, it feels right and I feel like a new page has been turned not only for my career, but for me as a person. 

Once again, life has showed me that a lot of how we feel is often affected by who surrounds us, no matter how much we might try to not let it. However, this time I am happy about this, as I have met a bunch of motivated, experienced and positive people, who even though did not have to be, are at the same time very humble and approachable. I have always been very driven, but being in this environment feels like my ambition is now on steroids. I only ever have felt like this when in New York, specifically when I was lucky enough to spend the whole summer between Fashion Institute of Technology and LIM, completing my courses and meeting likeminded people. 

It makes me very emotional to think how I felt during university and after graduation, because I was doing what I loved, but the feeling, this feeling I have right now, was not there. It can be very challenging to stay on your set course, especially when you do something like fashion. A lot of times your road might be blocked by someones subjective opinion, which can then make you question whether it's worth it. It can also be blocked by not having the right opportunity, because you might have not been able to do that unpaid internship or a course because you are a student who simply can't afford it. Then it comes down to your craftiness. Your problem-solving skills, your creativity of finding the way around this, your way in. One thing I can say for sure is - keep going. I have said it before, and I will say it again - even going slowly is going forward. 

So, my friends, I hope you all are feeling as motivated as me, and if you do struggle to find your drive, look for people who inspire you, dispose of the energy that brings you down. 

Always yours,


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