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Hello, lovely people,

With July almost at its end, and more than half of this year gone by, it isn't really a surprise that life has changed in bigger and smaller strokes, almost changing the picture completely. In a true nostalgic manner I cannot help but think about the past, as it helps me look at my progress and though hard months have gone by, see the benefit some challenges have brought. But, it's important not to make a habit of doing so.

I used to dread goodbyes, and for those who read the blog regularly know I have struggled with farewells, as I am not one for letting go. However, I have learned recently that a hard goodbye, the one you do not want to say, can actually be a testifying factor to the good you are leaving behind. So, therefore in a sense of the word it is a "good" bye (mind blown).

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Dress - Boohoo (ASOS), Bag - Pieces (ASOS),  Jacket - USPA, Shoes - Vans

That is obviously not to say that I am now happy to leave anything behind, I am still no better at saying goodbyes - it is just appreciation to the fact that there are people and situations in my life that are hard to let go due to the fact they have brought me so much happiness, therefore I am learning to show this before any goodbyes are due.
It is hard in life to always enjoy the moment as it is, especially when everyone of us have 500 things to worry about the future and 400 things to question about the past. However, there is a huge importance in not letting even one of them cloud over the moment you are living right now, because in doing so you are robbing yourself from some great memories and those around you from truly having you as part of their life.

I am soon to close another relatively big chapter of my life and begin one that hopefully will bring exciting times in both my career and life. It is only fitting in a true ironic matter of my life, that with this chapter coming to an end I have finally started to feel like I fit in, and have found the things I had been looking for ages ago, making leaving harder. 

But, I am taking my own advice and not letting the sadness of leaving cloud over the happiness I have. I am a true believer of life giving us things in the right time, however odd the timing might seem to me sometimes. It is probably one of the best things I have learned that we cannot change the timing of things, we can only accept it and believe that somehow, one day it will all make sense, but for now we need to enjoy the moment in its true sense with our people around.

Always yours,


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