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Hi, lovely people!

I don't know about you, but to me it feels like Summer is rushing by before my eyes. So much has happened within the past two months and so much is to follow, it can sometimes be hard to slow down and breath, take a moment and enjoy. So, we need to make ourselves stop now and then, or else life will make us, as it did to me this week past, tying me to the bed due to what can only be described as a demonic possession. 😷

Being kinder to yourself has been something I have touched on before, nevertheless for some time now I have been thinking about the kindness we show others. I have started to have this very unsettling feeling lately, a pattern I have sensed among people, where we not only view ourselves as disposable, running down our bodies and mental health, but also more and more treat those around us the same.

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I think in today's "go-go" world we do not allow time for kindness and hurting. Any type of display of emotional or physical pain is viewed as weakness, everything has a filter, certain things should not be said because that lowers our guard.  But, what guard? If you need to have one, doesn't it mean you are weak?  Does it not actually mean you are not strong enough to confidently feel and go through what's in front of you in that moment? We are so quick to diminish and even judge people who are raw and say what they think, and isn't it only because we ourselves are the weak ones, scared to let anything honest close to our pre-built, socially acceptable personas? 

It really hits hard for me when I hear about people leaving this world behind too early by their own choice. It's a sad subject for me and we all know I like to keep things light here, so I won' go into too much detail. But if I think about how we are with each other, it doesn't surprise me that so many struggle with being part of this world. I think children have it right. They fall. Hurt, they cry and after a good cry they stand up and continue running forward, a little bit more aware, but with the hurt let go and with nothing dragging them behind. It is the adults who go - Oh no, stop crying! Why are you crying? Everyone is looking. 

What I mean to say is, when something minuscule or hugely upsetting happens and you feel the knot inside of you turn, and the little voice inside your head saying "I am so fed up", it is fine to let it out. You don't need to always have it together. What does that even mean? Who truly ever has it all together? 

And to end, if you do let your guard down and show your weaknesses, even a little bit, you will be surprised of how many people will notice the beauty in them and in you. And if some foolish people don't, that is not to fault you, but it is to fault their views - so just keep running forward a little bit more aware, but with nothing dragging you behind. 

Always yours,

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