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Hi, lovely people!

I am in disbelief, but UK has officially become too hot for me to handle. The coldest winter brought the most hottest summer I have experienced in this country. Suddenly, I am taken back to dresses that have been sitting in my closet for ages, mocking me for ever purchasing them, knowing damn well I would rarely get a chance to wear them here. Well, who's laughing now?

We all are a little bit guilty of doing this, of gathering things we might need one day, filling up our cabinets with tiny things we might find handy, buying those shoes we wear once because they only go with that one specific outfit, then never getting rid of them, because we think - what if... So, this and other things have put me in a very "de-cluttering" state of mind, with my space, my social environment and my thoughts.

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(Skirt - Nasty Gal, Jacket - Nasty Gal, T-shirt - H&M, Shoes - Primark, Bag -  ASOS)

I have never been much of a hoarder. The fact that I have changed flats every year since I moved out of my parents house has taught me not to gather things, and if I somehow do, to dispose without regret. I'm not going to pretend and say that it's the same when it comes to clothing, but hey -  we can't win them all. Life is about balance.  🙈

It is a bit harder for me when it comes to my social environment, though again my lifestyle and moving to another country as soon as I graduated taught me a thing or two about letting go of people and relationships. I knew when I moved that eventually some of the friendships I had will disappear - some took me by surprise, both by the fact that I no longer required these people in my life or the fact that neither did they require me, without hurt on both ends. Some surprised me by how easy it was to come back to them, even though like my dresses, I had not been able to turn to them for a while. These I cherish like the most expensive jewels in the world. As I know, there is mutual respect and love on a level that a constant attention is not required. And, even though I wish I could spend more time with these people, even the smallest amount will fill my heart with joy. Then there were those I never thought would end, but they sadly did and it came as a lesson, a painful one but still, one that we all must learn throughout life. 

It also taught me to give people second chances, to forgive and ask for forgiveness where deserved and needed, because as I said in my previous post - none of us are perfect, we are just trying to achieve some form of happiness, trying to be the best versions of ourselves. And, sometimes we struggle even when we know what we need to change. 

And lastly, it has also taught me that some things, some people, some thoughts and some shoes (haha) are better to be left where they were once needed, but not anymore. The past. Not everyone will always see how special you are, how hard you are trying to be someones friend, or help them. As a person who finds giving more comfortable than taking, I have learned and want to put this in your minds, as well -  the fact that you are not appreciated does not always require you to try harder. Sometimes all you can do is just walk away. 

To end, I'd like to appropriate another one of the quotes I like (click here), yes a gal likes a quote. My version goes along the lines of - Don't try and make every person like you by becoming what they want you to be, love the ones who love you for who you are(even the wobbly bits), and by this you will truly learn who you are and how to be happy.

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