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Hi lovely people,

If you are anything like me you would have also tried to gather limitless amounts of joy from these rare rays of sunshine that have graced us in the UK (and hopefully wherever you are) over the past couple of days. Not always are we so lucky to get such impeccably nice weather to make us gleeful, therefore it is good to know substitutes for such occasions. There are some short term solutions that almost always work for me - my online orders arriving on time, a dog on the street running up to me with their tail wagging, a good hair day (or a good skin day), playing my ukulele or the smell of fresh cup of coffee in the morning.

Nevertheless, as nice as they are, these moments are fleeting and like the sunshine in the UK, they are quickly over and gone. You get your rainy days, and with the way life is, the ratio of grey days will more often be greater than the ones filled with sunshine. This week, due to the unexpected Spring sunshine, I have come back to my favourite Latvian poet and writer Imants Ziedonis and specifically one of my favourite tales of his - Pelēkā Pasaka (The Grey Tale).

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(Boots - H&M, Dress - ASOS, Jacket - ASOS, Hat - H&M)

Those of you who are familiar with the tale, will know how it goes and what it stands for. In it's simplicity it talks about the importance of the colour grey and how in order to appreciate the bright colours around us we often need the grey in our lives. It talks about grey being the beginning of everything in nature and how it makes us more excited for the bright parts of our life due to the contrast between the two. And I think this can be applied in fashion, as well as in life.

I will start with fashion first, as it's easier to digest. Colour blocking will start to become an even bigger thing soon as we are approaching the main season for it. The co-ords from last SS and bright suits that became popular later in Summer last year will without doubt make an even bigger entrance this season. Those who are scared of colour will avoid this, however I truly think that in an outfit where you add multiple bright colours and prints at once, it often mutes each other out in a way it takes away the crazy. It is certainly a hard concept to adapt if you are used to your grey, white and blue and I'm not saying that it won't bring attention, however sometimes with these things it's better to just jump right in. However, if you do want to make a single piece stand out, it will only truly be visible once paired with a "background" piece. Example - I absolutely adore this jacket, but I find that I only ever really want to wear it with either a black dress or dark trousers, as it brings the focus to it.  

When it comes to life, it's not always easy to find all the bright and add it together. And if it is, then it's often taken for granted as this becomes a normality in itself. More and more nowadays I am learning that happiness and inner joy is something that doesn't happen on its own. It is something we as people need to collectively work towards. It starts with our perspective, and obviously how we apply ourselves, but mainly it is down to us finding those true, genuine bits that make our hearts warm and working for them, working to keep them. Truly happy moments, they are rarely planned, and we only ever realise the importance of them when they are long gone. This was a mistake I used to make when I was younger, I was so determined of reaching my goals and growing up that I often never appreciated what I had. 

And lastly, I want to remind that the grey bits, the difficult bits, the ones where you don't feel like going on - those are all necessary. Because how else are we truly to appreciate the moments when the happiness is bursting out of us, if we have never really felt the grey.

Always yours,

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