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Hi lovely people,

April has come around way too quick this year, however it has not brought the usual loveliness that it comes with - clearer skies, more sun, birds chirping and flower blooms. Nevertheless, it does mean we are approaching Summer and the days are getting brighter, which is always a reason for a smile. This time of the year is always perfect for organising, and it doesn't necessary always mean organising your home or your space. It can also mean organising your environment, the people we let in our lives and our future goals we set for ourselves. 

I have often been criticised by those closest to me that I tend to cut people off my life way too quick, and often this meme is brought up to describe me. However, with each year I have added to my age total, I have become more accepting of other peoples flaws, as of mine, and have learned to allow certain things that doesn't necessary sit well with me - slide, for the sake of the peace of it.

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Dress - ASOS, Bag - New Look, Boots - ASOS, Beret - Pull and Bear

While this has allowed me to not end up being a lonely cat lady at the age of 24, it does however sometimes frustrate me, as I know I have allowed this to happen myself. It is fair to say that we cannot change people and everyones behaviour, but we can however change our perception and of how much of it we allow to enter our lives. What I'm trying to teach myself this time around with organising, is that there can be a middle way between "cutting people and type of behaviour out of our lives completely" and "letting it in to the point it consumes us". It is called - taking a step back and changing the level of importance it is to me. 

When I was younger and sometimes now even still, I was a strong believer of addressing an issue head on, jumping straight into the fire, hoping my action would cause a positive reaction. It has taken me years, though, to understand that fire cannot be diminished with more fire, and sometimes it is better to just sit back and let it burn out. 

So with this coming Spring, I hope you and I both can allow life lead its due course, enjoy the days as they come - even if it does mean swirling around a park while it snows in April. 

Always yours,


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