All Burgundy Dress and Thigh High Boots


Hi, lovely people,

Somehow, even though the months are going by and things like upcoming Daylight Savings time changes and the date on your calendar might signal its Spring, we are still stuck somewhere quite close to Winter. To me, this usually is one of the toughest times as we have exited the colder months, but somehow still exist in the grey. I always miss home a little bit more during this time, as well as all things familiar and comfortable. It is easy to want to hide from the world and wait in comfort until the sun comes out and life can begin again, but its important to not get stuck into this little world of yours and miss some great things.

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dress9 dress5
dress8 dress15
(Dress - ASOS, Boots - H&M, Kimono - Zara)

When both the weather and I get a bit grey, I make sure to brighten my days with outfits that are at the brighter end of the spectrum. Burgundy has been more of a last seasons Autumn/Winter colour, but to me it will always have a place in my heart, and with a weather like this, we might as well say we are in Autumn.

It can feel a bit bold to match your outfit in one colour, pattern or texture, but its becoming more and more of a thing - with pastel pink suit combos or printed co-ords - I have even noticed some fashion influential people sporting the Canadian tuxedo for Spring and not as an imitation of the iconic Justin and Britney look, but as a genuine outfit. 

Besides burgundy, I am slowly but surely becoming a collector of thigh-high boots. I am not much of a heel girl, because when it comes to shoes I will almost always choose comfort over looks - plus being 5'9 means I do no always require the extra umph in my step. However, I cannot stretch this enough, a thigh-high goes a long way... literally. It is easy to pair them with jeans or a dress like I did, and make the look slightly more feminine, while also being practical. Like with everything, it is important to know what you feel comfortable in and than maybe sometimes step slightly out of that comfort zone to surprise yourself. 

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