Green Suede Skirt and Thigh High Boots


Hi, lovely people!

I can't even put in words how much I have missed sitting down and writing here, but sometimes life side tracks us so hard it can become impossible to just fit everything we love in. And it is fine to sometimes understand that we are just one person that only have 24 hours in a day, though if anyone has any spare hours, please do send them my way. But thats not me whining or being upset about it. Even though this month has been probably as tough and busy as my dissertation hand in month(which has been officially declared as the hardest ever), my life in the past month has changed completely upside down -  I have moved away from Edinburgh and started a new job. And it's a wonderful, amazing and exciting change. 

Nevertheless, it doesn't end there - some of my wildest dreams I have chased since I decided to move to Scotland and pursue Fashion are finally coming through. I know, I am being cryptic, but for the moment being thats all I can say. So with that, I choose to pick my battles. I sacrifice things I love, to get things I have dreamed for almost all my life.

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(Top - H&M, Skirt - Zara, Boots - Ted & Muffy, Earrings - Forever 21, Bag - Primark)

January and February are usually the months we dread the most, at least I do. It doesn't help that every single influencer and blogger I follow are jetting off to New York, Paris and London for the Fashion week season, while I make another promise to myself that next fashion week season, I am packing my sassy shoes and joining them too. 

As a fashion transitional period, I think it is always hard to figure out what to wear during these months. We are out of winter, however spring hasn't fully kicked in yet, so those bright printed culottes that you love might need to wait because there is still a chance a snow storm might hit you on your way to work. Furthermore, because it feels like we have lived in an eternal darkness and cold for decades, somehow we manage to turn into the most palest, weakest versions of ourselves (I am painting a wonderful picture here). So, with that being said, even though it definitely wasn't this type of a period for me, I think January and February needs to be written off as "taking care of yourself time", so face masks are a must.

As previously mentioned here, I have been obsessed with greens, reds and blues. Last week I wore something green every day and I needed to remind myself that there are, indeed bunch of other colours in my closet. This amazing skirt from Zara must be my current favourite green piece and I think its amazing for a transitional period. Plus, it lets me live my 60ies/70ies Stevie Nicks fantasy and who wouldn't want to be signed up for that. I am also currently on a look for the perfect black leather skirt, suggestions are welcome below :)

Always yours,

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