Wrap Satin Skirt and Shiny Oversized Sweater


Hi, friends!

It feels like there has been some time since I last wrote, and even though not long, I have managed to miss it already. With the year being so close to its end, it feels like all the little jobs and tasks you pushed aside all year long, hoping they will just resolve themselves, have come back double the size. It feels like these past few weeks I have been holding my breath and now finally I can breath again as loose ends are tied and last things are done. Christmas shopping is done, I am starting to pack my suitcase to go home to soon enjoy the silence of middle of nowhere and I can't wait.
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(Sweater - Pull & Bear, Skirt - ASOS, Beret - Pull & Bear, Boots - H&M)

One of the reasons why I enjoy Christmas so much, is that it is probably the most extra celebration in the world. It suddenly becomes socially acceptable for you to wear your very bright Christmas Reindeer Sweater out in public, or even to your office. It is fine to decorate your house and put up so much fairy lights that even people from Space can see and go - Yup, Christmas is here!

And so, it inspires me, even more than usual, to bring out this amazing sweater (which indeed sparkles) out in public. Again, this has been something I have had maybe since Summer, but never really wore that much until now. I have touched on this already before, but I think reds, blues and greens, have been my slight obsession over the past few months. I think they are amazing when mixed, and on their own, as well. Even though we usually think black is the most easiest colour to wear, I am starting to disagree as it requires a lot of thought to actually look interesting (accessorise, layers and not everyone always have time for that). Maybe it's just the Festive season getting to me...

Nevertheless, I hope that within the midst of this end of the year/Christmas craziness you are managing to find some peace and that your holidays are promising to give you the re-charge you need!

Always yours,


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