Floral Dungarees Dress and Pom Pom Shoes


Hi, beautiful people!

I have always been a firm believer of going against the flow, standing out and not listening to people's opinions about myself and my decisions I have made in my life. The world we live in, we are a part of constant feedback - likes, comments, shares - they are all some form of someone's opinion towards whatever you wish to share out there in the scary place called the Internet. And that does not even touch base of what we say to people every day directly. 

Even though I am extremely honest, and tend to often communicate in fluent sarcasm, I will never judge or influence anyone's decisions, unless that is asked from me. In which case, please sit down, bring out the fine China and lets talk. I think this is also very often reflected in my fashion choices, whether that would be daily or for special occasions. So, normally on my trip to New York, where most actual New Yorkers prefer wearing black over any form of colour, I just HAD to rock out my pink Pom Pom shoes, heart-shaped bag and pink, floral dress. 

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(Dress - Lost Ink, from ASOS, Bag - ASOS, Shoes - Primark)

To much surprise to myself, New York weather was extremely kind and actually gave me a chance of wearing things I never managed to wear during the lovely "Scottish" summer (see-sarcasm). This dress had been sitting on a hanger in my closet for some time, but was never presented with an opportunity to be worn.  The bag and shoes, I had purchased also during Summer for a lovely wedding of a dear friend, but I longed for bringing them out again for a blog post. 

What has also always been one of my favourite things about New York is that nobody cares. Nobody cares what you look like, because no-one has time for it. Even though I have lived on the country side for most of my whole life and I come from a small country, I often enjoy the appeal of getting lost in a big city. It is like a re-fresher for your brain, a re-start. Over some time, I have realised that I'm always my own worst critic, and this is where a lot of my mental health issues do come from. Because from a lot of by-standers point of views I look like a person who is confident, who does not care and who will say and do whatever they want. Which I do not deny - I have moments where I can be that person, and they are great, I feel like I can accomplish anything. But, and maybe I should not be revealing this about myself because it makes me look vulnerable - most of the time, almost 95% of the time, I am definitely not that person. In fact, I am the very opposite of that person because I am so critical towards myself. I will be critical to myself to the point of where I am actually down-right mean, bullying even. 

So, what I want to say by writing this is that, we need to learn how to not care. How to rebel against those negative opinions, whether they come from people around us, or from yourself directly. Wear your pink Pom-Pom shoes or do something crazy that you know others might not accept. Because, in the words of Drake -  you only live once (I know, I know), we only have one life to make mistakes and enjoy ourselves, and there is almost nothing worse than regret. 

Always yours,

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