Silver and Gold


Hi, lovely people!

It feels like every year around this time we meet again. There is no other explanation to this, only the fact that Autumn makes me want to take my camera out, drag Mr Bear with me, take photos and write. I also think the world becomes much more beautiful during Autumn. It brings with itself a lot of my favourite things - hot brews with gingerbread or pumpkin spice, long boots, colourful trees, movies like "You've got mail" and "Hocus Pocus", and parks with crunchy leaves on the ground.

This Autumn I am particularly inlove with the velvet and knit combination, which I realised only once I got so excited to wear them. I guess if you have not touched and looked at these garments during the warmer months of Spring and Summer, you crave to put them on again, like that first yummy Ice Cream of the Summer (who am I kidding, Ice Cream is awesome all year round).

(Dress and Jumper - H&M, Shoes and bag - Primark)

I'm pulling out my sweaters again and putting them on, hiding away from the world in plain sight, trying to feel more comfortable in my own skin. Its also no secret to those closest to me that Autumn tends to be a tricky time for me. My thoughts can be messier and I need to pay extra attention and be more careful with my health, both physical and mental. Even though, I have been a human on this earth for twenty four years, I am still learning how to be patient and kind to myself. Which, also much to my realisation, is perfectly normal. I think generally, most of the people in the world are always tougher on themselves than they are on others or others are on them. And, that somehow makes me feel better about being slightly mean to myself, knowing it isn't only my bad habit, but others also. Knowing that I am not the only one always pushing that last piece of energy out of myself chasing something that isn't promised or concrete.

Anyhow, I am happy that we are in September already and me wearing my Christmas pjs is becoming slightly, slightly more acceptable(I wear them all year round). Also, the next following months are planning to be very exciting for Bear and I, with much change in our lives and exciting events, which I hope I will be able to bring my camera along to show you, as well.

But, to end this post, I am happy to be at this position again, sitting, writing, knowing that you are reading and hopefully one some level can relate with me. I hope September is treating you nice, I hope you are treating yourself nice...Are you?

Always yours,

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