Knowing When to Stop


Hello, my friends!

When once again I sit here and write this I realise how quickly time is running past me, past everyone around. Its not that long ago that we all turned our clocks and invited the dark months of November and December in our homes. When walking through a park it is hard not to notice that almost all of the leaves from the colourful trees have fallen on the ground. In my childlike mind I imagine that the trees know that soon people will be dressing them up with fairy lights, so they shed off their colourful Autumnal outfits for more of a glitz and glamour winter look.


(Dress - ASOS, Reindeer Earrings - H&M) 

Those of you who know me well, know that Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. And I know that there will be some of you Grinches out there reading this thinking that it is just November and Christmas is not allowed to be mentioned at least till the first day of Advent. But if you think about it, we are only allowed to celebrate it up until the point of 25th of December and if you are really Christmassy like me, you can stretch it out even till the New Years day.  Though all things aside, this time of year has always been special to me because it has been a time for family and friends. Ever since I made the decision to move away from Latvia, it has been that one time of the year when I stop my crazy running around and chasing all the goals and dreams I would have, and just come home. It would be the time to reflect and time to appreciate.  Appreciate the things we so often take for granted by always wanting to have more and be more. And no, I am not saying that a person should not do this and strive towards a better situation they are in, but sometimes by doing so we forget some pretty wonderful things we already have.

During these darker months it is so easy to step into the routine and become blind to the real world around you. I know I am often guilty of building up this harsh world in my mind where things don't go my way and somewhere along that I also manage to find a way to blame myself for lives little dark spots. At the end of the day, there are just some things that will simply be out of your hands, they will happen and they will be sad. They might even put you in a permanent state of - what is the whole point? And... so what? We are all human and we are all deserving of these days! It is perfectly fine to hide under your warm blanket away from the world and blast your favourite Christmas songs during mid October. If celebrating Easter during winter is what makes you happy -  do it! If you need to not talk to anyone for a day and watch puppies on youtube - do it!

To end what I am saying, I hope that wherever you are - that being snowed in homeland Latvia, or evergreen Scotland or somewhere completely else, if you are starting to feel like your hamster wheel is spinning out of control you can just step out of it and stop. At the end of the day, it will always still be there when you feel like running again.

Always yours,

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