My Hearts True Song

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Hello, my friends!

Life can often feel extremely predictable - you wake up every morning, make yourself a warm cup of coffee and put on your grown up people boots. You walk down the street and everything seems like yesterday, but then a sharp pain in your fingers, as the cold has made them numb and you realise we are getting closer to another winter, another year soon to end. 


(Dress - Band of Gypsies, Boots - Freia by Ted & Muffy)

With time running like wind, I have realised that even though life will put obstacles in your way and make even the smallest things difficult, you cannot ever let it defeat you and make you stop. It is perfectly acceptable to feel frustrated by things not going your way, your way being blocked or not at all there. But now what? The worst possible thing is to give up. If there is no way, make your own, if the way is blocked, go through another. I have always been a strong believer in the fact that there is not point of doing things half way and if you are not going to give it your best shot, you might as well not give it your shot at all. Though, I have met some people in my life to whom things come extremely easy, the majority of us will have to fight for what we love and want. And there is nothing wrong with that, on the other hand, there is so much beauty in that struggle. That is what gives your goal and the moment when you reach it an actual substance, worth. And then I realise how utterly boring our lives would be if everything that we ever wanted would come to us within seconds of time and no fight for it at all. Again, it is not easy for me to realise and accept this, as I spend my nights wide eyed and confused by life, but there are multiple things that make it all feel a little less harder. The month of October has been lovely so far as Bear and I have been seeing old friends, laughing with full joy sharing stories with them and doing things we always wanted to do, but were too busy worrying about life. We are still learning not to ruin the good moments and let it rest when it needs to, but overall it is a good change. I have once again realised, that doing the things you love in life, like for example this blog, photography, fashion or anything else, will actually take effort, like finding time for it, but it is important that I do.

Nevertheless, in those moments I am actually truly living, and I guess what I am trying to say here is, that I hope you are too. I hope that you do not ever give up on yourselves no matter how easy it is to do so. I hope you never stop dreaming. Never stop actual dreaming, wild and seemingly unreachable goal dreaming. Our generation has been mocked by our crazy outlook on life, as our whole lives we have been told we are special and we can do everything. But, you know what - we actually can! It is just going to be an extremely hard road, filled with sleepless nights and utter confusion. But really...would we want to live it any other way?

Always yours,

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