Thinking of August

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Hi my friends,

Much has changed since I last wrote. I've travelled back to Scotland and was reunited with Mr Bear. The month of August was spent looking for a new place to call home and finding my place in the world for now. I am not big fan of transaction periods or uncertainties in life, even as a kid I hated surprises and demanded to know everything, so it was very unlike me, when I bought my ticket five days before I was supposed to travel, packed my bag in two, feeling very unsure about future and whether "it will all work out", which is Bears forever mantra.
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As life is never boring on this side of the town, we began to look for a flat during what could only be named as the worst time of the year to do it in Edinburgh - the festival month, when every semi decent flat is rented out to culture seeking tourists with double the price it normally would be. But as the saying goes, that the good things come to those who wait, or rather to those who don't give up and we eventually found our perfect match. 

But alongside its uncertainties, August brought me many happy memories. With weather being surprisingly lovely I was able to enjoy some lovely walks around the Shore and my always favourite - the Botanic garden. My favourite days of August were spent outside, usually with a book and a blanket, hiding away from the city within any greens and gardens I could find. Being lucky enough and spending the month of July at home, which is the greenest most amazing place in the world, I was having country side withdrawal symptoms. Overall, we are slowly coming out of our uncertainty period, which I realised was also meaningful as it puts things in perspective. But in life, always, its based on perspective and how you choose to view things around you. You can view them as a stopping point in your life and give up or you can view it as a stepping point in your life and keep going through it knowing that better things are to come.

So, my lovelies, I hope that the month of August treated you well and as me you are excited for autumn to come with its pumpkin spiced lattes and beautifully coloured treas.

Always yours,


  1. Agita! <3
    Ļoti iedvesmojoši. :Good things come to those who wait, or rather to those who don't give up and we eventually found our perfect match". TRUE! :)

    1. Paldies Santiņ! Grūti vienmēr sevi tā noskaņot, bet ja izdodas, tad labas lietas notiek <3