It's Time for a Change

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Hello, my friends!

Autumn has approached us like it always does, at the start slowly and you start to notice it is no longer the warm evenings of August and then all at once with its crisp air and colourful nature. It is one of my absolute favourite times of the year, as I love the excitement of taking your Autumn boots and sweaters out of the closet, being able to cosy up under a blanket and feel perfectly warm or just walking down the street and breathing in the freshness of the world.  It is a season of change, children start school, students go back to university, the view outside your window changes and something changes in you too.

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(wearing Cheap Monday jeans, H&M top)

Changes, big ones can be scary. It is easy to build your life around people and places that keep you comfortable just because it is familiar, it is so easy to find your soft space in that world and forget yourself only to realise that something does not feel right. This September has felt bittersweet for me, since I remember myself, each September had started with education, whether it was preschool, school or university, September was always the beginning. Now my first year not going into education but becoming a full-time adult, I cannot stop myself from looking at all the students coming into Edinburgh and wishing for something that has been so familiar to me all my life. It is that comfortable feeling, that no matter how uncertain your life is you know the next year of that will be spent in education and finding answers. I guess it is right that there are years that ask questions and then years that answer. Though, I am faced with life's changes right now and my head is filled with questions, I know that the answers are to come, that everything has a conclusion, a solution. You just have to make sure that when you are served with those answers, that at that crucial moment you are completely ready to take them, embrace them and do not go back to your soft spot. 

So, what do you think my friend? Is there anything that has always been at the back of your mind but you have stopped yourself from doing it because it required change? And have you managed to overcome it?

In the end, I do hope you are enjoying your start of Autumn and that maybe change inspires you to do great new things you have always been a little too afraid to do.

Always yours,


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