Memories from Mallorca


Hi, my lovelies! 

As it has been some time since I last wrote to you on the blog, I decided to show you some wonderful memories of our holiday to Mallorca for my birthday. For a second year in a row Bear and I have made a tradition to disappear to somewhere warm for my big day and it is always a week to remember. As in Edinburgh sunny days are more of a blessing than regularity, we appreciated every ray of sunshine we got, maybe a little too much because even with the strongest SPF we managed to get a bit pinkish.

With my dissertation hand in and university fashion and degree show just over it was the perfect time for relaxing and doing nothing. To me going to a warm destination means endless lies by the beach with a cocktail in my hand, but Mr Bear does not have the patience for it as he is used to always moving and doing stuff, so we juggled between active (him) and becoming part of the sand (me). 

With last years Portugal trip still fresh in our minds we started off comparing Mallorca to Lagos which we soon realised was a mistake. Our trip to Lagos had been our first holiday together where we weren't visiting our families back home and got extremely lucky with the location and our hotel (small family villa). Back then we were surprised how local and authentic everything felt, though still quite touristy and I think both of us enjoyed it a lot as we kind of felt like we had discovered our own little corner of the world (with multiple other tourists). 

Mallorca on the other hand was strictly and completely tourist oriented, but it was still beautiful and managed to mesmerise us with its lovely weather, people, food, wine and beaches. A week seemed too little again for us to completely soak up the sun and we were soon to return to Edinburgh to hectic times of packing and moving, but I feel like the trip gave us the boost we both needed to get back to the routine. 


Once again, we both realised how much we love to travel and how we would not be able to keep sane long without it. As we left the beautiful island we swore to do it again, to make spontaneous decisions which turn into wonderful traditions and see more of the world.

Hope you enjoyed our little holiday snippets!

Always yours,

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