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Hello my darlings,

As almost two weeks have passed since I have come back to UK from NY, I have finally learned how to somewhat manage my USA blues and look at the pictures taken from this short but wonderful time I spent there. I don't think I will ever be able to explain how much fun I had in those 5 days, so I won't try it here, but as I said before I was thinking about vlogging and have quite a lot filmed from that time. With vlogging it is another whole story of me and stepping over my confidence issues, as I realized it is much easier to film these things but harder to actually make myself look at myself while editing. But I guess that's how it is with every new thing you start, so I believe than in time it will become natural to me.

Unfortunately, in New York I was limited to people that could take my pictures, so I won't have as many outfit posts, to be honest, I think this will have to be the only one. My godmother is a busy lady, and her available photo shoot times were night time/after work hours, so this was the only day I managed to sneak a quick photoshoot in after a fashion show I attended.

By my surprise, I got a lot of "Can I take your picture?" at the show, because I certainly thought my outfit will be the least creative one, but as a NYFW newbie I learned that most of the fashion show attendees really just like to stick to black. And I love black, but I think a fashion week is a time of celebration and enjoyment of fashion so I wanted to celebrate and add a bit of quirkiness to my looks, but, as you guys know -  what else is new? :)

I will have to finish this post saying that uni nerves are already getting to me, as this year once again I have managed to set tasks for me that even scare my supervisor haha, but I will try and reach them as always and hopefully succeed, so if I disappear from elegance lies you guys know, and as I said before, I am focusing on other important things in my life.

Also, with me finally showing you guys New York, I wonder if you would prefer for me to do a one large article/blog post on it or vlog... or maybe try and do both? Let me know!

Always Yours,

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