My Skin Was Cold Before You Came


Dress - Urban Outfitters || Hat - Primark || Crop Top - Primark 

Hello, my friend!

 Ever since October came upon us my autumn switch has been turned up so high even I am surprised. I remember a few years ago I would absolutely hate autumn, the fact that it was getting colder and you have to say goodbye to all those cute summer dresses you didn't get a chance to wear. Well... times change and with that being said I am really enjoying the change of seasons, the fact alone that you can embrace sweater weather and the nature looks beautiful. Halloween is a perfectly good excuse to binge watch Charmed or any other witch themed shows and movies you like and admit being basic with that Starbucks pumpkin spice. It is weird how a change of season can get you excited about buying candles and warm socks... yes, i repeat... candles and socks get me excited.

Anyhow, that is as much of relaxation I get during these months, because uni is becoming more and more intense, especially the more I research into my final project. It is important for me to keep on top of things and get a good routine of studying developed. The start of the year was tough, but the feeling you get when you think - this is it, final year - it gives you the motivation to paddle through, almost like running the last mile. Adding to that, I have filmed a few vlog videos which I know I have been saying I will upload soon and I haven't, but it turned out my little macbook is not as quick as I would have thought it could be so editing is impossible on it. But, that doesn't mean I won't do it, I  already have a solution, which hopefully will work. This 3D printing project has opened my eyes to how difficult it is to access the actual information and what goes in to printing clothing if you don't do a research on it, like I am, and that I would like to discuss with you on the videos, so It is important for me to get them going.

Overall, I hope you guys are great and that even during the colder months you have something that makes you feel happy and calm, even though it is just buying a new pair of fuzzy socks.

Always Yours,


  1. Hi Agita, it was so nice to discover your blog on instagram! You are literally the first blogger I have come across who lives in Edinburgh as well :) This look is definitely on point. Need to spend the next few minutes getting to know your blog a bit better

    Hanna xx

    1. Thank you babe, nice to hear that. You should check out @Edinburghbloggers - can find them on pretty much any social media, but facebook is the best. We have quite a big community and there are a lot of fun events I bet you'd enjoy to attend as well xxxx