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Shirt Dress - Religion || Jacket - SheInside || Boots - Topshop

Hello Lovelies,

As I said,  I'm back. 
Bear and I finally had the same day off, which meant we could have some date time that was a long due. With me working almost every day and Bear focusing on finishing up his masters degree, we hadn't gone on a proper date night in a while. It was without long discussion that we decided that we must go and enjoy some sushi (aka me being the proud sushi addict here) and possibly a few drinks to celebrate this rare occasion and Bears dissertation coming to an end. 

Edinburgh is lovely this time of year, the nights are not too cold and the city stays brighter longer than usually, it is also packed with tourists and just people enjoying the Fringe festival, which I find great, because I enjoy cities with more people rather than without. Crowds make me safer.

Even though warmer than usual, Edinburgh still as always stays windy, so I went for rather warmer/comfier look. I have realized I could never be one of those girls freezing in their short shorts during cold times. Maybe it's just old age getting to me.

These nights makes me even more eager to start my vlog and show you guys what we are seeing. I had such a passionate conversation with Bear about how I realized there are so many more possibilities I could do with the vlog that I can't do with a blog, no matter how much I enjoy writing. Also, a lot of things that I think would make a good blog entry often skip my brain after a long day/week, which would never skip the camera. Of course, I could take a note pad and try and write these things down, gosh, I have tried, but I am a gemini after all, and I enjoy the moment too much. Writing is done in privacy and lonesome.

So, what do you guys think? Could a vlog be a better way for me to show you more? Or do you enjoy reading over watching? 

Always yours,

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