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Hello there, my long lost friend!

To start with, a lot has changed since we last talked and that just proves my point that time runs way too quick. As I type this after another long day of work, I have this little voice in my head saying, don't make any promises, just don't - and I won't. I promise. damn. 

About too months ago I had decided that elegance lies has no longer a part in my life because so many other things had taken over, like my collection, future plans, family, relationships, health... In this messy bubble we all call life this little thing as a blog had no place. But to be completely honest, it was just an excuse I had made because I had turned this part of my life in something that I would see almost as a chore. To the beginnings and most parts of a life of elegance lies,  it had always been something of an escape rather than a burden. It was me doing what I love in whatever form I could do it, but somewhere at the start of 2014 I had turned it into something that was so far away from something ... me. As the blog grew more popular and more and more time was spent on improving it, trying to make it more commercial as all the bloggers seem to me were doing(pinterest search blogging and every topic is going to read "how to monetize your blog, blaa blaa, I am a sell out"), I sort of turned it into a machine or an object that could help me get things I thought I wanted, rather than an expression of me, my life. I would force myself to blog even when I didn't want to, and I would think  - it's just a writers block, a blogger drought of ideas, a rough patch.  No matter how hard I tried I could never reach the goals my perfectionist self had set and it exhausted me to the point I hated blogging and anything related to it.  

So I stopped. Quietly. And I would be lying if i said my life and education wasn't a big part of it. I wish I could be one of those people who can work full time, study, blog 4 times a week, have a relationship, be healthy, manage to have a rest and enjoy life all at the same time, but I can't and I have to admit it. There is only so much of me. 

A saying - you have to get your priorities straight, is so primitive, but it is soooooo useful. And I got mine straight, for the time being I am focusing on being happy and saying no, because I can't do it all. The good thing is, I realized elegance lies needs to go back to what it was for me at the start, and I am sorry, it does mean less of a frequent content, but, my darlings, a better quality of a content. Quality over quantity. 

I am taking you places we haven't been for a while, and places elegance lies hasn't been at all. 
We are starting new projects that scare me endlessly, but also kind of excite me majorly.

Also, I am planning to introduce a new platform of elegance lies which would be... drum roll please - vlogging, and even though I sound like a child on a record and act like a one on it as well, I definitely think it is an exciting time. What do you think? Elegance lies vlogs? 

Overall, I am my old and true self, so expect a lot of silliness and quirkiness and weirdness and another nesss.....

but, for the time being, thanks for being patient, my bo.

Always yours,


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  1. Aw greatbtom have you back! Sometimes you need a break and find your ground. Hope you feel better about your blog. I still love it :) vloggimg is so exciting! Can't wait!
    Take care x x