Blue Sweater and White Lace dress


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 Dress - Boohoo || Sweater - Venus || Shoes - Primark || Bracelet - New Look|| Earrings - Primark

Hello, my daaaarlings!

As my obsession with autumn is at the highest peek with Halloween, Bonfire night and other delights of the season just on the way, I feel obliged to hoarder my shelves with warm, cute sweaters like these. I cannot begin to explain how happy are the days when I get to walk around a park and there is a pile of leaves just for me to kick around. I am a big kid and autumn is my playground. The reason for this pastel miracle to step inside my closet was mostly due to me  waking up early for university in mornings when it's still cold and I am missing my blankie-blank. Also, one of the struggles for autumn is always trying to incorporate your favourite summer dresses into the outfits and not just go with the typical choice of black that I love doing, but sometimes I just want to staphhh. So when my dear marshmallow sweater met the lace princess dress I've had for a while, it morphed into one of my favourite outfits this season. 

So there you go, pumpkins, I hope you all are good and enjoyed my outfit post. 
Always Yours,

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