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Hello, beautiful!

As I don't tend to blog often about events and felt like there had been a bit too many outfit posts lately, I decided you guys need something new and interesting and to my advantage I got a chance to attend a wonderful blogger event in Edinburgh organized by their Body Shop team. As it was mid week and life had been a bit stressful lately, I decided it would be a perfect chance to log off, do something girly and have my friends join me. Also, I was laying low on some of my favourite body shop products so my bank was obviously getting a little hit in the tummy. Once I walked in, it was inmmidiate transformation from a rainy Edinburgh street into slight Christmas wonderland which as a person who has an app with a Christmas countdown, I can't complain about. My friends, other wonderful bloggers and I in that bunch were introduced to their new Christmas range which was, as always tempting to say the least. A particular favourite of which among the most of us was their frosted cranberry sparkler. I have to say, I am no sparkle girl, but that beautiful packaging would make even the Biggest Daria (Reference to the MTV cartoon character, to those who don't know the queen of sarcasm) smile. We were advised to go and take advantage of their store and production so off we went and played with bunch of make up and skin care and perfumes and... anything basically. Sounds like a pretty nice Tuesday evening for me and it was lovely to meet all of their team which sure were never short on a beauty advise. Once we felt that we can possibly no longer smell any other spray or sparkle even more, we got a wonderful goodie bag which involved their season range, and I totes went for cranberry, because there is no argument that in battle of apple, vanilla and cranberry, cranberry wins.

 There you go, darlings!
Hope you all are okidoki.
Always Yours,

The goodie bag contents:
5. and Freddie(named by yours truly) the Teddy bath sponge

My treats to self :

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