Instagram Diary of September 2014



Hello, my daaarlings!

Once again a month has passed by too quickly and I am back on doing my monthly ritual, which has turned into something integral almost. Even though, September turned out to be one of those quiet months for elegance lies, because of me moving in my new flat and trying to understand where to fit in blogging between university and work while having the worst 2 week cold ever, I still think it was a great month full of all things autumn. September meant the start of new university projects and different kind of daily routine which involves very painful 5 am mornings, warm cups of tea and stocking on chocolate in my sweets cupboard, starting to wear boots once again and getting your nose bitten by cold in the mornings. It has also been a great month, because my favourite places in the world - parks turn into beautiful and bright paintings, that I sadly don't get to experience as much as last year, but definitely try to squeeze a quick walk here and there on days where it is not pouring rain. Fashion wise, September has called me towards comfortable and warm sweaters which I weirdly feel have become out of stock for me, ability to change coats every day because you sometimes get cold and sometimes warm days, and overall minimalistic style, with a few new good classic items I have put in my closet, like the black trouser and staple trench. This month has also been inspiring for me, because it has put me on a path of a few nice projects that will involve elegance lies and hopefully be a little treat for you guys. So, welcome the new fashion year and autumn! Let's see what the Halloween month bring us!

Hope you are all well!
Always Yours,

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