Black Maxi Dress


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Dress - Religion
Hello, daaarlings!

It's been a little time since my last outfit post, but that doesn't mean I haven't cooked something special for you guys. As my wonderful Estonian photographer is back from London and she was a little behind on some photography projects in university, we kind of decided to jump back in our dream team and make this fabulous photo-shoot  baby. I have been wanting to do a blog post with this wonderful dress for some while, which actually is my graduation dress, but has been a favourite on my wardrobe for a while. Even though I feel like it is a bit dramatic on it's own, it actually goes perfect with a crop top or a sweater, it is dressed down and looks wonderful in the wind on the street. As a location my wonderful Estonian decided to use their new flat in Edinburgh with beautiful big windows that I am sure to use even more for future photos shoots both for my blog and for photos that I am taking. It feels wonderful having my girl friends here, and even though it has almost been 2 months with me living here in Edinburgh and I tend to get tired of places very quickly, Edinburgh still proves to be an excitement every day, even though my life has gotten a bit busier than usual and I don't have as much time to notice the things around me. As I am finally getting used to having no days off, I will be able to manage my schedule better and squeeze in a little blog post here and there. I already see it being hard, but even after this short amount of time,  I start to miss it and have so much to blab about to you guys.

Hope you all are safe and sound!

Always Yours,

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  1. These photos are so dreamy! Just discovered your blog and now gonna follow coz I love your style :)