I Dream of an Autumn Like This

Coat - SheInside || Culottes - New Look || Boots - Topshop || Jacket - H&M

Hello, my daaarlings!

It's incredible what this autumn is doing to me, I am like a kid in a candy store, but rather than being fascinated with the candy, I am taking in the scenery on a few sunny days we get here in Edinburgh, and even the rainy ones, as long as I am home with a cup of tea and a new episode of one of my favourite tv shows. As the start of my new chapter just a little while ago wasn't that easy with figuring out this new lifestyle of mine which involves no free time at all, I am weirdly loving this hamster wheel of mine, which constantly keeps me on my toes and running around. Bear could swear by this, I no longer can sit still for longer than an hour even if I do get a day off, and I am happy that my life has turned to the point where I get new and exciting things happening all the time. 

As for my wardrobe lately, I told you guys I am giving up dressing interestingly, if I can say that as a blogger without being completely dished out of the society of pink haired ladies.  But, as you can see a little blue I can not give up. I found these wonderful New Look culottes on their sale some time ago and was happy to see that my size was the last one left, ever since this lucky encounter I have began to cherish the days I get to wear this wonderful piece of garment. Also, I have very recently started to venture the sheinside.com web page which amongst bloggers is very popular, but gets a bad rep from time to time, even though my experience with them have been relatively good and landed me this dreamy blue coat. I have been thinking about a long coat like that for ages, nothing that is too warm or thick, but something that is better for those warm autumn days, so this felt like a perfect fit. 
So, beautifuls, what makes you excited this autumn? Are you obsessed with long walks in wonderful blue coats like me or do you prefer to hide in your room until it's warm enough for bikinis again?

Either way, I hope you all are ok!
Always Yours,

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