Photo Film Memories of Home part 2



Hello, my darlings!

As promised, I am showing you guys the second part of my photo film taken during the time I was home. This film, although every one of them is, was very different, during mid process of the film the camera opened up in my bag and I was close to tears knowing that most likely none of the pictures would have made it, as this had happened before and I lost a big amount of precious memories. But, to my surprise, it only ruined some of the photos as not much light had gotten into the film and to those which survived it gave this weird light effect that, to be honest, I am inlove with. That is the magic of film, it gives you unexpected surprises that you would never get with a digital camera, because well, you have all the control in your hands. The bad thing about the camera opening, is that the amount of pictures this time was less than usual, but that only motivates me to put the new film in and begin shooting. 

As for life right now, I am trying to get used to waking up, going to work, coming back home and actually do some things after. Even though I have never been a stranger to hard work, this is different because it involves loads of learning at the same time, and I need to prepare myself every day like a marathon runner, though my preparation involves at least 3 coffees and chocolate. I have managed to squeeze in some days off and that means I can blog and do things I enjoy with my free time, I know that I can get lost in things that I do, up until the point when I just fall to the ground, so I am trying to learn from my mistakes and give myself a break now and then.

So, darlings, don't forget to give yourself some days off before you burn and explode!
Always Yours,

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