Photo Film Memories of Home part 1



Hello, my wonderful little miracles!

I am so sorry I have been away for so long buy I am afraid life, real life, got in a way. I have just started my new job for a tailor in Edinburgh, and even though it is much to learn for me, it is wonderful and I am enjoying it. That though, means I come home completely tired and knocked out and even jumping in home clothes takes a very big amount of effort, that, of course, that doesn't leave much time for blogging. It doesn't help that I have to wake up during early hours, and I am for sure not a morning person, and it scares me even more thinking about how I will pull this life of university, blogging, work and possible free time, together once it all starts. As an apology I am posting one of my favourite things -  a photo film post. It is always a surprise developing a new film, even more, when it is a film taken during summer and while I was home. The first part is filled with wonderful summer moments enjoying the hot Latvian summer in my garden and memories from Positivus Festival, which in the end Bear talked me into going, that lead to me talking my best friend into going. I now go through these pictures and see how careless the summer was, and that, was for sure, why I choose home as my summer holiday destination. Cold beers, friends, tan lines and music festival(s). I would say, those are pretty good memories.

Hoping you all are well,

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