Mesh Skater Skirt and Black Tee


skirt - Primark || t-shirt - sheinside || shoes - primark || bag - Forever 21

Hello, my wonderfuls!
As being busy only allows me to have off time on late afternoons, Bear and I finally managed to have some date time, after I came home from a day spent at the tailoring shop. I have given up wearing bright and colourful stuff, hence the all black and I find that it is way more easier for me to find things in stores that look good when they are dark, rather than when they are extremely printed and bright. Also, I am becoming a die-hard fan of minimal things, which you wouldn't guess seeing me on my flowered hair days, but I am a firm believer of less is more and I think that this season I will try to stay as true to myself and wearing what I want more than following the main trends that most people wear. It is funny, because I used to and sometimes still make fun of people that follow trends religiously and often this fun making goes towards Bear and his "following the sheep" method, which actually makes me a big meanie when I think about the fact that I had started to do it myself, as well. So, my little rant on the side, I am falling in love with nice little skater skirts and printed tees, weird shoes and black suede bags, that actually, look good with everything. I am not a big shopper of forever 21 just because we don't have it back at home or in Edinburgh, but after researching all of my favourite retailers online, I realized that they were the only ones that got the bag that I had in my mind - something modest and practical, where as other brands were going strong on satchels and backpacks in sweet pastels and bright neon colours.

So, darlings, just stay true to what you like and who you are, and even if you don't - sooner or later it will happen naturally and life will put you on the right track.

Always Yours,

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