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Hello, my wonderfuls!
With Autumn kicking in, I am getting more and more excited about preparing my wardrobe for the colourful tree season, going through all of my sweaters and searching for cute booties and fabulous coats. Weirdly, I used to hate Autumn, because that meant the start of school and days getting darker sooner than during Summer. Since I have moved to Scotland, I have fallen inlove with this season, and even though it is nice back home, here it reminds me of Harry Potter books and evenings with warm tea and cookies.
This seasons fashion has always excited me, I feel that with the nature changing I have to change with it too and add something interesting to my wardrobe. After all, September is the New Years of fashion. I have always loved black cage veils, but never had gotten my hands on one, those suckers, are kind of hard to find. Luckily for me, and for you who like them too, fashion retailers have caught up with the trend that bloggers had been showing on their blog posts for some time now. Where I am not such a big fan of cage veils being on beanies or of beanies in general, I avoided that trend as much as I avoid looking at my bank balance at the end of month. Therefore, I just went for the simple veil.

So, if you, darlings like this look with just a simple cage veil, here is the list of variations you can be sporting it this season. Mine is just a simple veil fabric pinned to hair, and if you want have the exact look, ebay is a great source to order yourself some cage veil - 1. 2.  ; 3. ;

But, if you don't associate yourself with anything crafty and like your things ready and perfect made for you, asos sale is practically giving away nice veil headpieces -


Hope you all are okay, and the start of September is inspiring you all, as well!

Always Yours,

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