August Instagram Diary 2014


Hello, my loves!

As September is rushing to get to the autumn I can't believe I am so behind on doing an Instagram diary post, where as in August it felt like summer had stopped time with lazy mornings and relaxed warm evenings in the garden. Now it feels like autumn has gotten into a little sprint towards the end of the month. For me, August started with loads of preparation and anticipation for moving into Bears and mine new flat in Edinburgh, and our time in the last month had a lot of little goodbyes once again, because until Christmas that would be the last time I would see all of my friends from back home. 
August was full of lasts. Last visit to the Latvian summer beach , last walk with family to the forest picking mushrooms and berries, last cheap sushi place visit in Latvia for summer 2014, it is always so bittersweet and moving this time was even bitter-sweeter as this time Bear was the one saying goodbye to his family for the first time. Though, bittersweet, August brought me so much inspiration and confidence to start new things once again. This time, compared to last year, I can't wait for autumn to start a new chapter and write it as colourful as the Scottish autumn. I want to design, I want to travel, explore and I want to take you guys with me.

How is this pre-autumn time making you feel, darlings?
Always Yours,

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