We're in Edinburgh!


Hello, lovelies!

I'm so sorry I have been absent these past days, mister Bear and I have started a completely new adventure and that is life in Edinburgh. These past 2 days we spent carrying boxes, vacuuming, cleaning and generally doing everything to make our new home wonderful, nice and filled with good things. As a very cliche blogger, I am spending my blogging time in wi-fi filled places, like Starbucks, and I am ashamed to be one of those people, but hey, it is not my choice! I can tell you one thing, if moving out is hard, moving in is harder, I feel like I have been through a boot camp of squats and lifts and all that other fitness business, and walking genially is extremely hard by this point. Edinburgh, as always, is windy and not as warm as Latvia, so I am hitting huge wardrobe shock having to put down my little summer dresses and embrace the life of sweaters and warm tights. Ugh, as if. Not ready yet. I'll promise to soon show you more of my latest adventures but for now I am off to sip on my Starbucks latte (I know, I am hating myself right now too). 

Always Yours,

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  1. Take your time getting settled. We all get it. I look forward to seeing updates :)

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