Summer Bloopers and Behind the Scenes

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Hello, pumpkins!
As it is somehow a weird time for me, another goodbye soon to be said to friends and family here in Latvia before going back to Edinburgh, I decided we all need some cheer up blog post with them good old bloopers. Naturally, over the little summer period, I have a great stock of silly pictures of me, because well... I am a very silly person and I have my family and friends to swear to that. Adding to that, I don't really feel very comfortable being photographed when there are people around me, so to break the ice, half of the pictures taken, look like the ones from the bloopers. Basically, I could do half normal people pictures, half crazy me pictures, if I wanted. Also, if there is Bear or my brother around it will turn into "doing faces shoot" very quickly, which I need to control myself with, because those come naturally to me, compared to the "I'm so fabulous shoots".

As I am very self critical and rarely like half of the pictures I post on my blog, it is good to do bloopers now and then to remind myself (and others) that we all are people, especially bloggers who spend so much time getting the "almost too perfect" blog post. So, darlings, I hope I managed to bring out some giggles from you with my silly self and if you are like me and always find something to criticize about yourself, remember to give that little naggy person a break and enjoy being weird from time to time.

Always Yours,

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